Somehow I managed to fit camping stuff and two bikes in a little Prius C (no rack)

Otherwise, riding in Sequoia with the lady & her new bike !

Busted my dropper prior to leaving & had to get old school using the QR on technical sections.

Plan time. 1-2 bam & done but… That rock garden up ahead ??

With my two faves !

With my two faves !

Got thirsty for a ride after work but I didn’t realize that I left my riding shorts/shoes at home !!

Office attire (w/ my cx shoes) + single track = thirsty

Taking the lady out ! Hopefully she likes to mtb !

4th of July ride eh ?

4th of July ride eh ?

Lazy weekend maintenance but that green still gets to me !

Laguna PG trail
Knolly time !

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